1000Km report

I have now ridden the trike a bit over 1000 km (about 620 miles for the metrically challenged). And that in about 7 weeks of riding.

Initially I got the trike to combat my weight which was going the wrong way at an alarming rate. It may not be the best or most effective way to loose weight, but I judged it to be the most fun and achievable way. My initial goal was to ride one way to work each day (and use public transport the other way). I felt that this was a somewhat ambitious goal since the office is about 43km (26.7 miles) from home. I did not really think I would make it and half expected me to come up with lots of excuses. But strangely enough I have more or less reached this goal. I ride almost every day to or from the office.

The weight loss is not yet that big, but things are moving in the right direction. But my average speed is going up and the number of calories used goes down (according to the pulse meter). I assume this means that my stamina is getting better and I am getting more lazy since I am not increasing the speed enough.

The bike is holding up nicely. Nothing has broken yet. It does tend to creak a bit, but I am close to the maximum load with me and my laptop. I am still not 100% satisfied with the adjustment of the gears and am still working on this every now and then.

The ride is still very enjoyable. It is true that I feel every bump in the road but the way I take to work is actually very nice (just see the panorama picture at the top of the page).

I have realized that I definitely need bumpers for this for when the weather turns wet. I could probably fit a standard one on the back wheel, but the front wheels are tricker. I'll check what the originals cost and probably buy a set.

All in all I am still satisfied with my trike and everything is so far exceeding expectations.

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