Computer mount

One problem with the Mantis is that there is no good place to mount the display of the bike computer. There is no way of seeing it if it is placed under the handles on the steering columns. Initially I put it on the front bar (which goes to the pedals) but it was awkward to see it there and even more awkward to switch mode while travelling. I also wanted to mount a water bottle at that same spot.

The end solution was to build an extra mount, which I attached to the left hand steering column, where I could attach the computer display. This also made a good place to put a mirror. The following illustrates how I built this:

  1. I started with two pieces of wood. One rod approximately 30cm long with a diameter of 2.1cm and one triangular piece. The triangular piece is meant to get the rod out from the steering column and to create a suitable angle.

  2. The next step was to cut grooves in the pieces. The triangular piece got two lengthwise grooves. One which fits against the rod and one which will fit snuggly against the steering column. The rod got two small groves which should give the hose-clamps a flatter surface to lean against.

  3. To cut the groves I used an precision belt sander, which is a very handy tool when making oddly shaped wooden bits.

  4. I spray-painted all the parts black.

  5. Finally I glued the two wooden parts together and fastened them to the steering column with a pair of hose clamps. I have covered the hose clamps in black shrinking hose.
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